Committee Members


Chairman & Nene Navigation Officer:
Bernard Morton
tel: 07785 375787

Heritage & Planning Officer:
Helen Westlake


Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary & Canal Adoption:
Geoff Wood

Branch Secretary:
Sandie Morton

Paul Lynam

Newsletter & Joint Website Editor:
Tony Clarke

Events & Canal Adoption: Michael Butler

Committee Member:
John Pomfret

Website Editor:  Gail Anscombe

Social Media:  Lynda Payton

We have vacancies on our committee for a Publicity Officer & Grants Officer. Please get in touch if you are interested.

There is also an unelected sub-committee, for the purpose of organising the Annual Northampton Boat Gathering. This committee normally meets between October and May every year.

Northampton Boat Gathering Sub-Committee

Michael Butler (Chairman), Catriona Butler, Tony Clarke, Paul Lynam,  Alex Madisons, Bernard Morton, Sandie Morton, John Pomfret and Helen Westlake.


The Northampton Branch Committee currently has 11 members, 1 vacancy and 1 ex-officio seat for  the Eastern Region Chairman.

Elections are held at the Branch AGM in March each year and officers serve for three years before retiring on rotation.


Branch committee meetings are held monthly on the 1st Tuesday in each month except during June, July, August when no meetings are held.