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Welcome to the North Riding Branch, the newest Branch in The Inland Waterways Association.

The branch has developed from the Ouse/Ure Section of the North-East Region, which had been working for about six years to represent the interests of the non-tidal waterways north of Selby.

Boaters' facilities in York
The current elsan disposal at Museum Gardens, York is attached to The Starr Inn the City restaurant following the demolition of the toilet block in Museum Gardens in 2013.  The designated area is in a lean-to, on the side away from the river, which contains two disabled-type loos and a sluice, accessible when staff are on-site which generally starts 07:00-ish and continues to 01:00 or later. 

Following a meeting between IWA, CRT and the Star Inn manager in March 2016, the previously open sluice has been upgraded to an enclosed model with a lid, and the adjacent tap has been fitted with a length of hose. Thanks to Star Inn for providing the change.

The nearest other sluices are either Naburn Lock downstream or Linton Lock upstream. 

There is no specific boater rubbish point, though there is a small litter bin near the water point.

North Riding IWA has raised these issues with the council, who are pursuing the developers in terms of planning consent which was for full replacement (toilet, sluice, rubbish, water), but there is as yet no timescale for resolution.

The good news is that the water point has been relocated nearer the river and is accessible at all times.


Publication of IWA North Riding Branch Newsletter, Northern Navigation has ceased at the present time, but some North Riding Branch news can be found in the IWA West Riding Branch Newsletter Mile Post.  Please click to see the latest issue.


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