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Gift Membership - Joint/Family

Code: IM08
The long-running Inland Waterways of Great Britain is the only single volume to cover in fine detail all inland navigations in England, Wales and Scotland. This colourful new edition also gives full information on recently restored waterways and follows progress on others still under restoration. Individual maps and full details, including distance charts, for each waterway. An extended and updated section looks at waterways now lost to navigation, or possibly never finished, with map details for those who enjoy the challenge of searching out waterways history on the ground.

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Gift Membership - single

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Gift Membership - Over 65 Joint (When both members are 65)

Code: NU02 (incl rope)
Specially made side plates channel the power to the core and has the capacity to lift 140lbs. A great addition to any boat allowing you to easily recover lost tools etc. from the cut.

Rope included is 10m x 6mm blue polyester rope.

Code: canoe2

An Annual Canoe* licence along the Chelmer & Blackwater navigation costs £32. Licences will be valid for one year from the day the licence is purchased.

A paper licence is provided instantly and a more permanent plastic licence that can be displayed on your canoe will be sent by post.

* 'canoe' covers any small manually powered vessel, e.g. canoes, kayaks, rowing boats, dinghies, sail boards, stand up paddleboards etc

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Gift Membership - Over 65 Single

Code: AU15
This classic book on canal boat colour schemes by Edward Paget-Tomlinson was first published in 2004, but has not been available for some time. This new edition is a reprint in response to continuing requests for the book, but with a different set of images on the cover. Illustrated throughout with Edward's full colour paintings of boats, and many b/w photos. Size: 242mm x 176mm, 176 pages, paperback,

Code: AU10
Knots for the Cut is aimed at narrowboaters and cruiser owners the length and breadth of Britain’s unique canal system, and other perfectionists. According to the Inland Waterways Association, there are over 30,000 boats on Britain’s inland waterways. Most owners soon bond with their vessel and take a pride in doing things correctly, with historical authenticity and accuracy.

Code: TW2017Bricks
Payment for 2-day bricklaying course 24th/25th June. *Only for registered people*.

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