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This classic book on canal boat colour schemes by Edward Paget-Tomlinson was first published in 2004, but has not been available for some time. This new edition is a reprint in response to continuing requests for the book, but with a different set of images on the cover. Illustrated throughout with Edward's full colour paintings of boats, and many b/w photos. Size: 242mm x 176mm, 176 pages, paperback,

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John Liley has been writing about canals for longer than most of us can remember. His ever popular Journeys of the Swan was published in 1971. John’s new book looks at the canals in Britain, and to a lesser extent France and the near-Continent, since he first discovered the Ashton Canal in 1953. There’s a wide look at various aspects of the fight to retain and restore canals, and at the official attempts to thwart that, of John’s meetings with Robert Aickman, and BW officials in the 1960s, and of his experiences as editor of Motor Boat and Yachting (which had quite a lot of canal content during his time, before Waterways World hit the newsstands in 1972). He also looks at his time sailing, and the French canals, where he currently operates an hotel boat. John’s topical observations are interesting, and sometimes wry and provoking

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The book covers finding and buying a boat, the legalities of purchase, the different features and utilities, finding a mooring, boating health and safety, the cost of boating, boat maintenance, boating etiquette and many other frequently asked questions.

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Only a few canal boatmen have ever written about their work and life, and Jack Roberts'(1894-1972) hitherto unpublished autobiography tells us about canal carrying over a century ago. It provides a unique and fascinating insight into the world of the fly-boatmen on the extensive Shropshire Union Canal system before, and until just after, the First World War. Fly-boats worked 24 hours a day to a timetable, with a change of crew, carrying all kinds of cargo, including perishable goods such as cheese. Jack Roberts wrote this book in the 1960s.

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Exploring Britain’s most beautiful waterways. Discover a hidden countryside which is packed with wildlife along with industrial heritage. Regarded as the 'quickest way of slowing down', the canals and rivers of Britain evoke a bygone era when life moved at a more leisurely pace.

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This book covers voyages around the canals in 1964/65, including a visit to Stratford upon Avon for the reopening of the Stratford Canal by HM the Queen Mother. It was first published in 1971 as a hardback, and was reissued in 1983 in softback form. This is a new edition in that the whole book has been reset, but it is exactly as written, save for a new foreword by the author.

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L.T.C. Rolt’s fame was born from his unique ability to produce works of literature from subject matter seemingly ill suited to such treatment – engineering, canals, railways, steam engines, agricultural machinery, vintage cars – such as in his classic biographies of Brunel, Telford, Trevithick and the Stephensons, and in his superbly written volumes of autobiography. In Landscape with Machines Rolt told the story of his youth and his subsequent training as an engineer. That book ended with the fulfilment of his dream to convert the narrow boat Cressy into a floating home

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An introduction to the basic techniques of painting, with traditional and modern examples. Instructions for various projects, with details of materials, brushes, etc. Many colour illustrations. Published 1992. Reprinted as softback 2003. 128 pages. (SOFTBACK).

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The Ashby Canal was opened in 1804 to run from the Coventry Canal to Moira. It never went to the town of Ashby de la Zouch, the route there and beyond being replaced by tramways. Widely illustrated, 'The Ashby Canal. Past, Present and Future' plots the rise and fall of the canal, to its risk of abandonment (ironically caused by the reason for its birth) and its resurgence as a leisure route.

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First published in the 1950s under the editorship of EE Benest and later Konrad Nussbaum, Imrays map of the French inland waterway system has always been regarded as the essential reference for planning a visit to France by boat. It is now superseded by this completely recompiled and redrawn edition by David Edwards-May, the leading authority on World canals and waterways. The new cartography includes improved detail and presents essential information concerning distances and dimensions with a greater clarity than on previous editions. The map continues to cover the Low Countries and the western part of Germany and now also includes large scale insets of the Paris region and northeast France. The scale remains at 1:1 500 000

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