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Waterway map featuring the canal and river corridors at 1:60,000 showing boat user facilities with boatyards, boat hire and boat trip operators. Illustrated guide to the canal features with historical profiles.

SIDE ONE: Canal coverage from Great Haywood Junction to Derwent Mouth. Detailed plan of Burton upon Trent at 1:15,000 showing streets, shopping areas, canal facilities and places of interest.

SIDE TWO: Coverage of the non-tidal Trent from Derwent Mouth to Cromwell Lock, the tidal Trent to North Clifton and including the Nottingham Canal and the Newark Branch. Detailed plans of Nottingham and Newark-on-Trent at 1:15,000. Diagrammatic section along the waterway

2nd edition,

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Envelope to fit portrait and landscape IWA Calendars.

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