Historic May 1963 Bulletin 68- The Inland Waterways Association

Code: BUL68

IWA’s Bulletin was the journal produced and distributed to the Association’s members, starting in 1946, and was the fore-runner to today’s waterways magazine. Until 1966, the Bulletin was almost entirely written by Robert Aickman and usually dictated by him during a single day-long session. Each issue covers the latest news for members, including campaign notes on lobbying government, individual navigation authorities and others involved with managing the nation’s inland waterways. This edition, published in May 1963 is 95 pages long and includes sections on the following: Do it Yourself Civilised Transport Upper Avon Mr Aickman & Sir John Hawton Future of Narro Boats Pearl Hyde Founder's Column Personal Announcements Donations Barraclough Bowl Functions We have been Warned How to start a Bolinder Towpath Types Founder's Notes on Campaigns & Waterways Reviews Wales Speaks Press Easter Rally at Bishop Stortford