Historic Working Narrow Boats Today – 2

Code: AU06

The second volume of this book contains photos of 450 former working boats, with short notes on each. The first volume, published in 2013, covered 465 boats, so between them they have photos of 915 identified boats, plus several pages of photos of boats that the authors have not identified, almost all BCN day-boats. At the date of going to print, in mid May, the authors David Williams and Peter Silvester knew of 38 more boats, but they have not found them, so do not have photos of them and since then a few more have come to light. This search for historic boats has been a 12 year odyssey for David, and might be a never-ending project! A fascinating book which should appeal to all boaters interested in canal history, this second volume also contains a list of all the 915 boats in name order, showing the origin, and original name where appropriate – ideal for boat-spotters.

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Binding Softback