Rose & Castles

Code: AU07

Jane Marshall of the canal oriented Day-Star Theatre will be well-known to many boaters and IWA members. She also runs courses on traditional narrow boat decoration, and this book is based on her 20+ years of experience. It starts with a brief review of the history of “Roses & Castles”, then the well known ‘masters’ of last century, such as Frank Jones, Frank Nurser, Ron Hough, etc. There are also chapters on modern-day painters who are perpetuating the tradition (including Tony Lewery, Dave Moore, and Alan Barnett and Roger Wickson - two of the few remaining knobstick painters – and a pictorial comparison of the various styles of painting. The second section of the book is a very comprehensive set of practical instructions for painting roses, castles, daisies, lettering and scumbling, with lots of diagrams etc.

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Binding Softback