We Win the Branch Achievement Award for the Third Time!

The Association’s Branch Achievement Award was presented to our branch at the AGM held in Stoke on Trent on Saturday 28th September 2019. The award was given for our various campaigning activities, and the citation read out at the AGM included mention of our work parties, support for restoration projects in our branch area (Uttoxeter Canal and Burslem Port), promoting the work of IWA by taking the branch stand to events and campaigning about local heritage issues such as the refurbishment of Bedford Street Bridge.

Previously the branch had won the award, as Stoke-on-Trent Branch, in 2009 when it was awarded for the branch’s ongoing work on the Burslem Port Project, Uttoxeter Canal restoration, Cheshire Locks campaign, Friendship Bags project, close working with boat clubs and waterway societies in their area and lobbying of local politicians, particularly Staffordshire Moorlands MP Charlotte Atkins, IWA’s 2008 Parliamentarian of the Year. The award was presented to Alison Smedley, then secretary of Stoke-on-Trent Branch at the AGM held in Milton Keynes in September 2009.

The branch also won the award in 2002 when it was presented to then Chairman, Julie Arnold, at the AGM held in Chester.