Club 500

For just £12, CLUB 500 gives you three chances of winning a major prize - including one of up to £1000. 

CLUB 500 gives the Association valuable additional income to support its campaign for waterways - those you enjoy today and those you will enjoy in the future. 

Through CLUB 500 you will contribute to the many aspects of IWA’s work.

Your subscription will help fund campaigns to defend waterways and their users rights and to assist projects to conserve and restore the waterway environment and historic structures.

CLUB 500 is run by members - for members and we need your support.

Join CLUB 500 today by completing the Club 500 membership form.


CLUB 500 Rules

1.    The name of the club will be “CLUB 500”.

2.    The object of the club will be to raise funds for IWA.

3.    The club will run on an annual basis to commence on the first day of January.

4.    Prizes will be drawn 3 times per year as follows:

  February June September
1st Prize  £500 £1000 £500
2nd Prize  £200 £250 £200
3rd Prize  £100 £150 £100

5.    The above prizes are based on a membership of 500, all of whom must be IWA members over 18 years of age. 

6.    Subscriptions to CLUB 500 will be at the rate of £12 per annum.  Members will be allocated one chance in each of three successive draws per subscription.  A member may take out more than one subscription. 

7.    All subscriptions must be paid in advance.

8.    In the event of application forms being received from more, or less than, 500 people, the scale of prizes will be proportionally increased or reduced.

9.    All winners will be notified by post.  A list of prize winners will also appear in Waterways magazine. 

10.  The administration of the club will be overseen by IWA's Finance Committee.

11.  These rules may be amended by IWA's Finance Committee. 

12.  The decision of IWA's Finance Committee will be final and binding on all questions relating to the operation of the club. 

13.  Accounts will be kept and reviewed annually by an independent auditor.  The accounts shall be sent to all subscribers annually.