Mystery Photo Answer

Previous question: Which junction is in this 1972 photo?

Answer: Saul Junction, where the Stroudwater Canal (ahead) joins the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. John Gagg photo A6030 taken in 1972.

Correctly answered by: Alan Dodds, Ann Farrell, Bill Acres, Bob McCulloch, Chris Byrne, Chris Potter, Clive Edwin Robert Field, Cyril J Wood, David D Jones, David H Johnson, Dennis Beer, Dennis Clarke, George Bungle Eycott, Ian Cleathero, Ian Moore, Iynn Waude, James Bell, Jean Oldroyd, Jean Oldroyd, Jim Thornell, Jo Moody, John A Oliver, John Healey, Jonathan Lyle, Keith Barber, Keith Perry, Ken Nelson, Malcolm Bridge, Martin Cottrell, Martin Hunt, Mike Spick, Paul White, Pete Earley,
Peter Rayner, Phil Dowrick, Rick & Harri Barnes, Robin Davies, Simon Judge, Sue O'Hare, Terry Maskell, Tony Clayton, Vernon Draper, Walter Thompson.

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