Mystery Photo Answer

Previous question: At which junction is this signpost? Hint: this junction is nearer to Aldersley than to Birmingham. Photo was taken in 1972.

Answer: Horseley Fields Junction, on the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line. John Gagg photo A7119 from 1972.

Correctly answered by: Alan Dodds, Ann Oliver, Chris Potter, Cyril J Wood, Dave Wedd, David D Jones, David Mack, Douglas Ramsden, Frederick Stearman, Gillian Drummond, Helen Whitehouse, Ian Cleathero, Ian Fletcher, James Bell, Jennifer Hindshaw, John A. Oliver, John Brien, John Dodwell, Judy Hodge, Keith Barber, Mel Tyerman, Mike Spick, Mike Wright, Rick & Harri Barnes, Rob Frost, Simon Judge, Tony Clayton, Vernon Draper.

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