Mystery Photo Answer

Question: Now might be the time to make your list of decorations to get for Christmas. The name of this pub might help with one of them. What is the name of the pub?

Answer: Hollybush Inn, at Denford, Caldon Canal. 1984 photo by Tony Kozary (edited to remove the name of the pub)

Correctly answered by: Alan Dodds, Andrew Barnes, Andrew Gareth Morris, Andrew Shipman, Ann Oliver, Anthony Gamble, Barry McGuinness, Chris Kelly, Chris Potter, Christine Hammell, Dave Dent, Dave Wedd, Doug Ramsden, Duncan Kury, Gwenyth Salt, Harri & Rick Barnes, Heather Bacon-Campbell, Heather Howarth, Ian Cleathero, Jo Moody, John Dodwell, John Healey, John Suggitt, John William Foster, Jonathan Lyle, Keith Barber, Malcolm Johnson, Martin Beale, Mel Tyerman, Mike Spick, Mike Wright, Pam McLellan, Patrick Marks, Paul Simpson, Pete & Sue Gurney, Pete Earley, Peter Oates, Peter Rayner, Phil Bentley, Phil Newman, Rob Frost, Rob Westlake, Robin Davies, Roger Turner, Ron Elder, Rupert Smedley, Sharon Wells, Simon Judge, Stephen Frick, Stephen Traynor, Steve Barham, Sue & Les Schwieso, Sue O'Hare, Susan Botham, Tony Clayton, Tracy Mclaughlin, Vernon Draper

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