Mystery Photo Answer

Question: Which Top Lock is in this 1965 photo?

Answer: Wigan Top Lock (No. 65), Leeds & Liverpool Canal. In the lock is Short Boat SYLVIA, which was on its way to the IWA National Rally at Blackburn. 1965 photo by Edmund Barstow

Correctly answered by: Alan Dodds, Alan Squires, Andrew Lawton, Andrew Perry,Andrew Roger Nuttall, Andrew Shipman, Angela Wood, Ann Oliver, Audrey Smith, Bill Acres, Brian Kear, Chris Davey, Christopher Dyche, Colin Greenall, Cyril J Wood, David Hymers, Godfrey Cox, Ian Cleathero, Jack Wootton, James Bell, Jan Gunningham, Jo Moody, John Fletcher, John Healey, Jonathan Bridge, Martin Hunt, Mel Tyerman, Mike Spick, Paul Kehoe, Paul Lorenz, Paul White, Peter Rayner, Phil Sharpe, Richard Amende, Richard B Siddall, Rick & Harri Barnes, Ron Elder, ruth symonds, Simon Judge, Sue Cawson, Sue O'Hare, Sue Taylor, Tony Clayton, Tracy McLaughlin

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