Mystery Photo Answer

The house to the right of this BCN tunnel ventilation shaft is No. 171, Station Road. Which tunnel?

Gosty Hill Tunnel, Dudley Canal No. 2. Bill Greenhalgh photo 923 taken on 25th Feb 1978.

Correctly answered by: Alan Dodds, Andrew Whittle, Ann Oliver, Chris Potter, Christopher Morgan, Colin Park, Dave Dent, David Ball, Debbie Scott, Dennis Clarke, Derek Humphries, Geoffrey Duncan Lund, George Bungle Eycott, Gillian Drummond, Ian Cleathero, James Bell, Jo Moody, John A Oliver, John Dodwell, John Harwood, John Healey, Jon Barlow, Mel Tyerman, Mike Spick, Nigel Hackett, Paul Smith, Peter Fletcher, Peter Rayner, Richard Amende, Robin Davies, Rupert Smedley, Sue O'Hare, Tony Clayton, Will Frecknall

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