Mystery Photo Archive

See previous mystery photos and answers (answers are beneath each photo spelled backwards).

Question: Which junction?

Answer: notxoF

Question: Which Top Lock is in this 1965 photo?

Answer: kcoL poT nagiW


Question: Unusual reflections in the water; on which structure?

Answer: tcudeuqA gniwS notraB



Question: Which Lock?

Answer: kcoL sdeeL



Question: Which Junction?

Answer: noitcnuJ notsnuarB



Question: A winter view on which canal?


Answer: lanaC nellognalL


Question: Water levels are normally a lot lower than this. Which lock?

Answer: kcoL novA



Question: Now might be the time to make your list of decorations to get for Christmas. The name of this pub might help with one of them. What is the name of the pub?

Answer: nnI hsubylloH



Question: On what canal would you find this Grade II listed structure?

Photo by Derek Pratt

Answer: lanaC notnuaT & retawgdirB



Question: The bridge in this 1974 photo is on the site of a tunnel that was opened out in 1858. On which canal?

Mystery photo


Answer: lanaC 2.oN yelduD

Question: Which lock flight?


Answer: etocsaB


Which canal is in this 1974 photo?


Answer: lanaC elbbeH & redlaC


A (hopefully temporary) terminus in 1974 before any trees grew beside the motorway. On which canal?

Answer: lanaC retsacnaL



Which tunnel?

Answer: wonnaG



Question: A loaded short boat A40 is nearing the end of its run, in August 1972, to the power station just visible top right. Which Top Lock is it in?

Answer: kcoL poT kcotslooP



The yellow vehicle is on the M4 motorway. Which canal is the mud hopper on in this 1975 photo?

Answer: lanaC noinU dnarG


February 2018: There is a junction between two canals above this lock, No. 14, seen at the start of its restoration in 1972. The Nottingham Canal is one of the two canals; what is the name of the other?

Answer: lanaC drofmorC

January 2018: The house to the right of this BCN tunnel ventilation shaft is No. 171, Station Road. Which tunnel?


Answer: lennut llih ytsog

December 2018 Bulletin: A canal aqueduct alongside a railway viaduct; which aqueduct?


Answer: tcudeuqA elpraM


November 2018 Bulletin: This is a recent photo of a wire sculpture of a horse and tramway truck. It commemorates the temporary tramway over a hill, which was used for several years until the broad-beam canal tunnel through the hill was completed in 1805. Which tunnel?


Answer: lennuT htrowsilB


October 2018 Bulletin: At which junction is this signpost? Hint: this junction is nearer to Aldersley than to Birmingham. Photo was taken in 1972.


Answer: NCB, noitcnuJ sdleiF yelesroH


September 2018 Bulletin: Bridge repairs on which canal?

Answer: lanaC noinU erihsporhS


August 2018 Bulletin: This is the approach to a Thames lock from downstream. Which lock?


Answer: kcoL hsraM


July 2018 Bulletin: This type of bottom gate paddle gear has appeared on the Droitwich Canal recently, but it was originally a unique design for which canal?


Answer: lanaC mahgnimriB & retsecroW


June 2018 Bulletin: A 1967 photo of one of the locks in a flight of 4 narrow locks. Which flight?


Answer: thgilF enotS, lanaC yesreM & tnerT


May 2018 Bulletin: Where are these two bridges? The two views taken in 1972 are looking upstream.


Answer: novA erihskciwraW, erohsreP


April 2018 Bulletin: Which junction is in this 1972 photo?


Answer: noitcnuJ luaS


March 2018 Bulletin: The milk chocolate in your Cadbury’s Easter Egg might well have started its journey by canal from here, up to 1961. Which canal is in this 1972 photo?



Answer: lanaC noinU erihsporhS


February 2018 Bulletin: On which canal is this aqueduct?


Answer: lanaC nodlaC


January 2018 Bulletin: A 1971 view of a mooring, taken from a reservoir dam. Which reservoir?


Answer: riovreser retawesahC


December 2017 Bulletin: Where on the Grand Union Canal is this?


Answer: kcoL droftartS ynneF fo htuoS


Late November 2017 Bulletin: This is a 1979 view of a top lock and a junction. On which canal?


Answer: lanaC nothsA


November 2017 Bulletin:This photo is of a former canal tunnel just after the top was taken off. Which tunnel?


Answer: lanaC yesreM & TnerT, lennuT egatimrA

Late October 2017 Bulletin: Roy Hollingworth has sent us these three photos of the closed Wollaton flight of 14 locks, taken by his father in 1961. Which canal were the locks on?



Answer: lanaC mahgnittoN


Mid October 2017 Bulletin: Which lock is this?


Answer: lanaC novA dna tenneK, gnidaeR, kcoL ytnuoC



Late September 2017 Bulletin: Which lock is this?



Answer: lanaC drofxO, kcoL rieW ohnyA


September 2017 Bulletin: On which canal is this paddle gear?


Answer: lanaC noinU dnarG


Late August 2017 Bulletin: Which branch and canal is this bridge on? What’s the name of this bridge?



Answer: egdirB eye yrrehC si eman egdirB ehT .lanaC nodlaC eht fo hcnarB llahgorF/llasnoC


August 2017 Bulletin: Which canal is in this 1978 photo?


Answer: lanaC dleifretsehC


Late July 2017 Bulletin: Which branch is this basin on?

Answer: lanaC nodlaC eht fo hcnarB llahgorF/llasnoC



Mid July 2017 Bulletin: Which canal and river meet here?


Answer: nreveS reviR dna lanaC hciwtiorD

Late June 2017 Bulletin: Which river is in this 1965 photo?


Answer: revaeW reviR

Mid June 2017 Bulletin: In which city is this building? The tiled writing reads “1935”



Answer: mahgnimriB


Late May 2017 Bulletin: At which junction is this milepost?



Answer: noitcnuJ notyaG


Mid May 2017 Bulletin: The blue coaster is SILVER RIVER from Ramsey, Isle of Man. The dock connects to the left to a canal, which is the closest entrance to the English canal system to Ramsey. Which canal?


Answer: lanaC retsacnaL

Late April 2017 Bulletin: Which junction is in this 1992 photo?


Answer: noitcnuJ droflaS

Mid-April 2017 Bulletin: If you catch a train from St Pancras International to Margate, the train goes through a tunnel that was originally built as a canal tunnel. Which tunnel? The photo is of the eastern end of the tunnel as it was in 1971.


Answer: lennuT doortS


April 2017 Bulletin: Which junction is just below this lock? (The words on the gate don’t help much, but they read “Close all head gates.”)

Answer: noitcnuJ dleifeltsaC

Mid-March 2017 Bulletin: Which Junction? The signs read Benwick 3, March 5, W-Sea Lock 6


Answer: level elddiM, yrreF s'doolF

March 2017 Bulletin: Which Top Lock is this?

Answer: lanaC yelezaF & mahgnimriB, kcoL poT egdirB sremraF


Late February 2017 Bulletin: Three photos on the same short branch, 2½ furlongs in length. The upper photo is of Bridge 2, the two lower photos are of Lock 81A, with the main line in the background of the bottom photo. Which branch?







Answer: lanaC noinU dnarG, hcnarB htrowsnamkciR

Mid-February 2017 Bulletin: A narrow lock in the foreground, and a blue ship in the centre background. Which canal is the ship on?

Answer: lanaC pihS retsehcnaM

January 2017 Bulletin: Which junction?

Answer: noitcnuJ notruotS


Mid-December Bulletin: The Top Lock pub in the photo is alongside the top lock of a 7-lock flight. Which flight?



Answer: lanaC loopreviL & sdeeL, thgilf kcolliH snosnhoJ


Late November Bulletin: On which canal is this horizontal boat rope roller?

Answer: elpraM ,lanaC tseroF kaeP

Mid-November Bulletin: This lock was part of the Phase 1A restoration work on this canal in 2011. Which canal?

Answer: lanaC retawduortS, kcoL elbuoD drofeyR

Late-October Bulletin: Two views of the end of a canal arm, the top one taken in 1973 and the bottom one in 2016. Which arm?

Answer: lanaC noinU dnarG ,mrA hguolS

Mid-October Bulletin: At which flight of locks is this building restoration work taking place in 1985?

Answer: noitces retsecieL, lanaC noinU dnarG eht no notxoF

Late September Bulletin - ESSO WOOLSTON is a long way from her home port of London. Which swing bridge is this?

Answer: lanaC pihS retsehcnaM eht no, egdirB gniwS notraB


Mid-September Bulletin - This is Lock 1, a sea lock opened in 2013. The sea lock at the other end of this canal is Lock 40. Which canal?

Answer: lanaC edylC & htroF

Late-August Bulletin - This is a junction on the same canal as Pelsall Junction. Which junction is this one?

Answer: lanaC notgnissE & yelryW, noitcnuJ dleifsendeW


Mid-August Bulletin - This stop lock has double top gates and a single bottom gate. What is its name?

Answer: lanaC dleifselccaM, kcoL potS neerG llaH


Late July Bulletin - This is at the Stone one; the Iron one is the next lock down. On which canal?

Answer: lanaC noinU erihsporhS

Mid July Bulletin - Which canal?














Answer: lanaC retawegdirB

Late June Bulletin - At this lock, a canal section meets a river section. Which river?




Answer: lanaC nodlaC, tenruhC reviR


Mid June Bulletin - This mystery photo was sent in to us; the only information the sender had was that it was of himself taken in 1938, possibly in the South East of England. We have come up with a solution; can you?







Answer: 21 oN egdirB ,nodnoL, kraP stnegeR

Late May Bulletin - This is the GLENSHIRA, in 1970, on which canal?

Answer: lanaC nanirC


Mid May Bulletin - Which canal is this milepost on?






Answer: lanaC ssenprahS & retsecuolG


Late April Bulletin - Which lock is this?




Answer: lanaC novA & tenneK, gnidaeR, kcoL sekalB


Mid April Bulletin - Which canal maintenance depot / yard is this?




Answer: lanaC noinU dnarG, enruobluB


Late March Bulletin - Grain was delivered by barge until the mid-1970s to this basin. Which canal is it on?





Answer: lanaC retawegdirB


March Bulletin - Which 3-rise staircase locks are in this photo?



Answer: lanaC noinU erihsporhS, retsehC, skcoL etaghtroN


Late February Bulletin - One of many junctions on the Birmingham Canal Navigations, but not many are crossroads like this one. Which junction is this?




Answer: eniL niaM NCB, noitcnuJ kraP nottoR


Mid February Bulletin - Which marina is this?




Answer: lanaC noinU dnarG, aniraM notlihW


Late January Bulletin - Which canal is in this 1964 photo?





Answer: lanaC mahgnimriB & retsecroW


January Bulletin - There is broken ice in this 1969 view of a straightened length of canal. Which canal?




Answer: lanaC drofxO

Mid December 2015 Bulletin - Taken from one (closed) railway bridge, with another (open) railway bridge in the background, which lock is in this photo?

Answer: kcoL daeM toL


December 2015 Bulletin - Which navigation is in this 1986 photo?

Answer: raoS reviR / lanaC noinU dnarG


Mid November 2015 Bulletin - Which navigation is in this 1970 photo? The occasion is an IWA trip in a distinctive type of commercial barge. Extra question: which IWA founder member is in the photo?

Answer:dleifdaH selrahC & lanaC retawkcalB