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What your legacy could achieve

A gift in a will can have a substantial impact on our ability to protect and restore our country's canals and rivers. Below are just some examples of how legacies have enabled us to achieve fantastic outcomes for the waterways we all love...

Granting Waterways Wishes Tony_Harrison

Former IWA consultant engineer and Trustee, Tony Harrison, left a significant bequest of £200,000 in his will, which he wished to see used for the maximum possible benefit of the waterways. To try and best reflect Tony's wide ranging interests, which included restoration, boating, hydraulics and engineering, IWA invited waterways projects across the network to bid for all or part of the bequest.

Thanks to Tony's legacy, IWA was able to help restore 3 locks, rebuild a canal bridge, improve the reliability of two trip boats and unlock nearly 6 miles of canal and navigable river. His generous gift will now see these assets enjoyed by hundreds of waterways users for many more years to come.

A local legacy

A 2016 legacy from John Faulkner was another that contributed to a number of fantastic and varied projects. John had been a member of IWA Northampton Branch since the early 1960's and was keen that a large proportion of his legacy was used in the area that he had spent so many years volunteering and boating. Northampton branch members were closely involved in the decision making process which, amongst other things, saw John's money help replace the Islip footbridge on the River Nene and also allowed the creation of a mosaic trail along the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal, allowing new visitors and users to discover and interact with the waterway he had enjoyed so much during his lifetime.


New life for Hanbury Locks 

A legacy from IWA member Neil Pitts, in the early 2000's, not only allowed Waterway Recovery Group to complete one of their biggest ever projects by transforming three Hanbury Locks on the Droitwich Junction, but this work also resulted in the triggering of a full £10m completion package from British Waterways.

The impact of this legacy and the work it enabled, will continue to be felt for decades; the Droitwich Barge Canal and Junction Canal re-opened in 2011 and created a brand new cruising ring for boaters, giving people the chance to explore the attractions of Droitwich, the cathedral city of Worcester, and the broad waters of the River Severn.


Photo- above: Droitwich Locks by Chris Handscombe and Opening Ceremony by Vaughan Welch

Photo- centre:Northampton Arm by Sue O'Hare

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