About the Raffle

Montgomery Work
IWA’s National Waterways Restoration Raffle aims to raise £15,000 to support a variety of waterway restoration causes by donating 100% of the profit to restoration projects run by IWA corporate members and to IWA's Restoration Hub which provides support and advice for IWA branches and waterway restoration societies. 

Each person that purchases a ticket is able to nominate a project or a waterway group on the ticket stub. Once the raffle is drawn the nominations for each project will be added up into a total.

The total number of nominations that a project has determines the percentage of the total profit from the raffle that they are given. For example: a project that receives 10% of the total nominations would receive 10% of the profit. However, a project will only receive money if it gains at least 25 nominations.

The nomination system provides waterway restoration projects across the country with the opportunity to benefit from the proceeds of the raffle.

Waterway restoration can bring social, economic and environmental benefits to an area and the Waterways Restoration Raffle will support this nationwide effort, giving restoration societies the opportunity to raise money for their cause without having to deal with the administration or organisation of the raffle themselves.

The raffle will run from 1st August 2016 until 30th December 2016 and will be drawn on or shortly after 30th December by IWA Head Office Staff.

Waterways Restoration

The total raised for restoration projects this year is £13,188