Volunteer as a Committee Member

Volunteers at National Festival 2011 organised by IWA Festivals committee - photo: Tim Lewis

IWA is made up of a number of national committees specialising in areas as varied as restoration and remuneration, and local branch committees. These groups undertake a wide variety of work to support waterways across the country.

From time to time vacancies appear on the committees, these roles often call upon a specialist knowledge so that the member can provide sound advice and guidance to the committee to then be passed on to the Association. If you feel you could share your valuable knowledge in this way take a look at our current vacancies.

Please note that to be a Committee Member you must also be an IWA Member.

Meet a Volunteer...

Helen Gardner is a long-standing volunteer with IWA's Waterway Recovery Group and currently sits on the WRG Board. Read about her involvement with WRG to see what she has got up to as a volunteer over the years and does in her current role on the Board.

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