Chiltern Branch Secretary

IWA Chiltern Branch is looking for an organised individual to deal with the administrative tasks of the Branch in the role of Branch Secretary.


Activities include working closely with the Branch Chairman, issuing committee meeting and AGM agendas, and taking and circulating minutes of same. The secretary should also be responsible for corresponding with other individuals and organisations and for receiving and circulating communications between Head Office and other branch officers. As most communication is currently done electronically it is important that the applicant is at least semi PC literate and have the use of email and word-processing software.  The secretary is also responsible for collating committee members’ volunteer hours and submitting them to Head Office.

There is further guidance in the Branches and Regions Handbook.

The Branch Committee currently meets approximately four times each year and these meetings are held in a committee members’ homes; during the summer months we may have 1 or 2 e-meetings using email.

Must be an IWA member.


Further information can be obtained by contacting the Branch Chairman, Dave Chapman Tel 01628 850842, Mob 07808 720555.

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