Milton Keynes Branch Fenny Lock Adoption Co-ordinator

IWA Milton Keynes Branch seeks a volunteer to take on the role of Fenny Lock Adoption Co-ordinator.

Role: The role of Fenny Lock Adoption Co-ordinator would be responsible for organising and running the Canal & River Trust (CRT) adoption work at Fenny Stratford between Bridges 94 and 96 with the Lock and environs (Pump House, Sanitary Station, Fencing, Lock Bridge) the principal focus. This would involve:

  1. Liaison with CRT volunteer management re. work and materials/equipment supply and storage.
  2. Registered holder of Pump House and Container storage.
  3. Monitoring the adoption stretch and determining maintenance requirements.
  4. Recruiting and briefing volunteers - may ask them to bring their own equipment, if willing.
  5. Organising work parties, scheduling and managing the work, providing milk and biscuits for coffee/tea breaks.
  6. Completing required CRT time sheets and reporting to CRT and all volunteers work done and future tasks.
  7. Maintaining and filling the Branch Information Box at the Lock.

Please note you must be an IWA member to take on this role.

Contact: If you are interested in this role, please contact Branch Secretary Philip Strangeway at

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