Volunteers' Week 2019 - Wall of Thanks

This Volunteers' Week, we have highlighted a number of volunteers who were nominated for a special thank you. 

Chris, IWA Head Office, Chesham
Chris deserves a special thank you for all his time scanning and organising slides and photos for IWA's archive and setting the Mystery Photo challenges! His knowledge of all things waterways is extensive and invaluable. 

Peter, IWA Head Office, Chesham
Peter deserves a special thank you as he has been volunteering at IWA's Head Office for over 20 years. His time and efforts have been immensely appreciated particularly within the Membership team .

Clive, Waterway Recovery Group
Clive deserves a special thank you as he's currently busy driving a dumper on the Wendover Arm Canal. He has always been involved in canal restoration including the Stratford Canal, the Basingstoke Canal and was also involved in the hauling of two working boats given to the Stratford on Avon Canal Society. For the last 20 years now he has been involved with the Wendover Arm Canal and he's a real star!

Paul, Waterway Recovery Group
Paul deserves a special thank you for all the brilliant work he does with the Waterway Recovery Group.

Colin, Waterway Recovery Group
Not only is Colin a great Leader who runs a brilliant Canal Camp where you get to try your hand at everything, but he's also very nurturing which you can see by how enthusiastically the volunteers always want to come back onto another Canal Camp.

Jane and Mike, Inland Waterways Association
Jane and Mike deserve a massive thanks for their unstinting commitment to IWA's Festival of Water, over so many years. The Festival has become nearly a full time job for both of them. They are true stars!

John and Pete, Inland Waterways Association
John and Pete deserve a massive thanks for their seamless work before, during and after the Canalway Cavalcade! Without them Cavalcade just wouldn't be possible.

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