Silver Propeller Challenge - Terms and Conditions

The Silver Propeller Challenge is designed to encourage waterway users to visit waterway locations that are infrequently visited by boats and other craft.

The challenge is to use a boat, canoe, paddleboard or other such craft (including tripboat) to visit a minimum of 20 places on the list and to take a photograph at each location.  An award consisting of a metal plaque showing the Propeller logo of the Inland Waterways Association will be issued to those successfully completing the challenge.

We do not want to encourage voyages carried out in unsuitable craft and the Association accepts no responsibility for such attempts.  Activity which, in the opinion of the Association, puts boats, crews or third parties at risk will lead to disqualification.

Participants in the challenge are encouraged to share their experiences and progress using the hashtag #silverpropeller. We can’t wait to see your photos.


1. Silver Propeller Challenge participants must:-

  • Use one or more of the following craft types to visit at least 20 Challenge locations;
    • a powered boat
    • a hire boat
    • trip boat
    • canoe or  paddleboard.
  • be on board at each place claimed in support of an application for an award
  • have photographic evidence of their visit to each location

2. All journeys submitted as part of the challenge must take place after 1st January 2018

Submission of Claims for Awards

3. In order to be considered for an award, please complete the SILVER PROPELLER CHALLENGE ENTRY FORM

4. All entries must be supported by a picture showing each place visited. The pictures may be taken using either a mobile phone or similar device, or a digital camera, with the automatic date and time stamp enabled (this is the default setting on most devices). Video clips will not be accepted.

5. The pictures shall be submitted to the Association using a photo sharing website such as Flickr. Any access codes passwords or other information needed to access the pictures and their time stamp will be included with the application. (Entries using Facebook, Tumblr and some other social media sites cannot be accepted as they remove the time stamp).

6. The Association will reject any claim which is not adequately supported by photos clearly identifying the places visited.

7.  To qualify for the award of a Silver Propeller a candidate must have visited, and photographed, at least 20 locations from the list of Challenge locations.

Miscellaneous Rules

8. Locations may be claimed only once.

9. Any type of boat, or combination of boats, including powered boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and other unpowered craft, may be used.

Good Luck and remember to share your photos #SilverPropeller


We’d love to hear from you while you’re on the way to meeting the challenge. You can post your pictures to our UK waterways Flickr group, or tag your images on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #silverpropeller.

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