WOW Activities

Activity guides, ideal for use by any groups or individuals working with young people:

Lace Plate making
This is an easy activity using paper plates and ribbon.  The original china plates were collected and displayed in the back cabin of a working narrowboat.  This created a more homely environment for the family.
Back cabin lace plates
Brass Rubbing
Brass plaques are made to commemorate certain events and occasions around the waterways.  These make excellent brass rubbing pictures, often featuring a famous scene such as the Anderton Lift or Chester's ancient clock in the centre of the high street.
Mersey crossing plaque
Duck Hats
This activity, colouring in a duck and making a hat out of it, appeals to all ages and gives a real opportunity to talk to children about wildlife they might see on the waterways.
children wearing their duck hats
Canal Colouring Sheets
Everyone loves colouring, print off a WOW colouring sheet and learn what the canalfolk used to wear and how they liked to decorate their buckby cans!
The Boat Horse Mask
Great fun for all ages, as children can make their own boat horse mask and learn about the history of horse-drawn boats at the same time.



IWA Branches wishing to carry out WOW activities can order kits from Gillian Bolt. These contain the equipment needed for all the activities.

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