Running WOW Activites

WOW kits are available to run activities for children at any waterways events. IWA Branches can order WOW kits from Gillian Bolt at Please note that kits are only available to IWA Branches, individual guidelines for some of the activities can be found in the IWA WOW overview and are ideal for non-IWA groups who wish to run these actvities at different events.

Once you have your kit follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Passport Control signing on point.  This may be your only base and you may keep all your activities here.  Alternatively you may have other activity providers around the site:
    • St John’s or Red Cross: may do basic first aid for you
    • Historic Boats attending: may do a back cabin “look” and “talk” for you
    • Sea Cadets or Scouts/Guides: may do Rescue Rope Throwing or other
    • Knot tyers: they may do knot tying with the children for you
    • A Restoration Group or Environmental Group: might do a quiz for you around their display boards
    • Avoid locating WOW activities at commercial stalls, it can put people off as they may feel pressured into buying from the stall.

  2. Put up the WOW lollipop activity boards wherever there are things for the children to do.  If you are having one central area, several could be hung up around your gazebo or at the back of the marquee walls.

  3. Put up the main banner signage around the site to tell people that WOW activities are being offered and what they are.  You also have a WOW pop-up banner for your main tent.

  4. Set up your tables with an activity on each and a separate area for people to get their Passport.  If you keep a note of how many Passports you started with, you can keep a check on how many you give out so that you can report back on numbers.  Give them a WOW bag as well to keep their things in and you may be able to add information about your event for them to take home.

  5. Give all your activity supervisors one of the large WOW badges to wear.  The main co-ordinator for the site should also wear an orange tabard so that they can be seen by the other supervisors if they are needed.


WOW Safety

Always remember to
stay SAFE near water -
Stay Away From the Edge

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