WOW Activities at Events

IWA Branches can run any of the following activities at their local events. All that is needed is the WOW kit that contains all of the resources including templates, crayons, information and activity guides (available to IWA Branches only).

If a branch is planning to run a number of activities at an event have a look at the Running WOW Activities - How To Do It Guide. Email Nicola Kiely at Head Office for more information or to order a WOW kit.

Dragonfly knot tying
This activity is very popular with all ages and produces a really spectacular result for the children to take home with them.  Using a basic knot and simple wooden jig, it can be relied upon to keep them occupied for some time. The knot tying was - and still is - a very important part of the boatman's skills.  The various knots were used to create fenders, decorative ropework around the boat and ropes for handling the heavy boat.
Green Fishing Game
Children have the opportunity to fish different types of rubbish out of the “canal” helping them to learn about the importance of looking after the environment
Waterways Trail Quiz
Following a trail around a waterways event children will be given a question to answer and the information to help them at each post.
The Right Tool for the Right Job
Learn about the different equipment boaters use on a daily basis. This hands on game gets children learning all about the uses of different tools from Windlas's to fenders.
Back Cabin Design
Children can learn about working boats with back cabins before having the chance to design their own.

There is always an opportunity to do some colouring and learn how boaters dressed in the past and how they liked their boats to look.



IWA Branches wishing to carry out WOW activities can order WOW packs from Nicola Kiely.  See contact details for Nicola here.  We also have some other materials which you might find useful for your events. 

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