Kentish Stour

Photo of a bridge over the River Stour at Fordwich in Kent by Nigel Chadwick

There is a right of navigation on the Great Stour to Canterbury. However, it is presently navigable only from the sea at Pegwell Bay to Fordwich. Grove Ferry Bridge is fixed with 1.6m headroom. Downstream of this the headroom is 3.5m. It is tidal throughout, though the tides are much attenuated in the upper reaches. Two flash locks (now gone) formerly extended the navigation to Canterbury but it is now suitable only for canoes and small rowing boats.


IWA Branch

Kent and East Sussex

Navigation Authority

Pegwell Bay to three quarters of a mile above Sandwich
Sandwich Port and Haven Commissioners
Guildhall Cattle Market,
Kent CT13 9AH
T: 01304 617197

Upstream of three quarters of a mile above Sandwich there is no navigation Authority but the River is maintained (for flood defence purposes only) by the Environment Agency.
Environment Agency
Environment Agency website