Historical Information

This canal was built to ship Derbyshire limestone to Manchester. It reopened in 1974.

Bugsworth Basin was fully reopened at Easter 2005 following more than thirty years of work by The Inland Waterways Protection Society Ltd, who adopted the unique canal and tramway interchange complex at Bugsworth Basin as its major project.  The more important and larger of two southern terminals of the Peak Forest Canal, Bugsworth Basin had initially re-opened amid much celebration six years earlier.  Unfortunately, the Society and BW had no option but to close the Basin again the following autumn due to excessive leakage and unacceptable water loss to the adjoining river Blackbrook.  Substantial works to provide a long-term solution to leakage problem were undertaken in 2004.  The Society’s volunteers continue to maintain the non-water areas for the benefit of all visitors and local residents, with the co-operation with English Heritage.