River Adur

Photo of the River Adur, downstream of Wineham bridge by Rob Beattie

The Adur is tidal inland to a point beyond Henfield and has a Common Law right of navigation from the estuary to Shermanbury. The Baybridge Canal connected the western branch of the River at Bines Bridge through two locks to West Grinstead but is now derelict. There were also locks on the eastern branch that enabled navigation beyond Henfield. The River cannot be navigated at low tide and care must be taken at other times because of the strong tidal flow.

At High Water Spring Tides the maximum size of boat that can navigate upstream to the confluence of the eastern and western branches of the Adur is
height: 5' 6" (1.7 metres)
draught: 3' (0.9 metres)

The former Southwick Canal now forms part of Shoreham Harbour.

Shoreham Slipway

The ‘Shoreham Slipways Group’ is campaigning for a new public slipway in Shoreham by Sea.

A comprehensive report, written by CH2M Hill (formerly Halcrow), was released in December 2014. Three possible slipway locations in Shoreham by Sea were investigated in the Shoreham Slipway report (1.5MB PDF) and it was found that a slipway and the necessary parking could be constructed at all locations.

However, the report recommends that the best option would be to construct a slipway at the Adur Recreation Ground which is situated between the Norfolk Road bridge, on the A259, and the railway bridge. An initial design of the slipway (193KB PDF) has been created. The location can be viewed on the iTouch Map website using Latitude 50.833121 and Longitude -0.283673.

The Shoreham Slipways Group is currently arranging for a detailed plan to be drawn for a slipway at the Recreation Ground. This will be used as part of a planning application. The Environment Agency are developing plans for improvements to the tidal walls which will allow for the effects of global warming. As the EA has a responsibility to encourage the use of water for recreational purposes, it is hoped that they include the slipway as an option at the time they invite tenders for the construction. If that is achieved then there will be a major saving cost saving on the slipway because of shared use of machinery, common storage, etc. The SSG are hoping that the building of the slipway will be funded by local councils supplemented with contribution from charities. This therefore makes it an ideal scheme for all parties to work together to achieve a common goal at the lowest overall cost.


IWA Branch

Kent and East Sussex

Navigation Authority

Below Old Shoreham Bridge
Shoreham Port Authority
Nautilus House,
90-100 Albion St,
Brighton and Hove,
East Sussex BN42 4ED
T: 01273 598100
Shoreham Port Authority website

Upstream of Old Shoreham Bridge there is no Navigation Authority but the River is maintained by the Environment Agency.
E: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk
Environment Agency Website