Sleaford Navigation

The Sleaford Navigation, also known in the initial section as Kyme Eau, leaves the River Witham at Chapel Hill, signposted to South Kyme.

It is navigable as far as Cobblers Lock (approx. 8 miles) where full length narrowboats can wind. On the far side of the village of South Kyme there is a low bridge the height of which is indicated on the guillotine gate at Taylors Lock, the first lock up from the Witham.

A Canal & River Trust key is needed to operate the guillotine gate. An additional boat licence is not required.

The maximum size of boat that can navigate throughout the Navigation is
length: 71' 6" (21.9 metres)
width: 14' 6" (4.2 metres)
height: 6' (1.8 metres) (But see note above.)
draught: 3' 6" (1.2 metres)

For additional information on visiting the navigation by boat or on foot, see More details on the activities of the Trust can be found on the facebook page.



IWA Branch


Navigation Authority

None. The Environment Agency is responsible for flood prevention and drainage on the river.
Environment Agency website

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