River Leven Navigation

(5 miles, Proposed river navigation under various controls)

Proposals by British Waterways Scotland (now known as Scottish Canals) to make the Leven navigable – to connect Scotland’s busiest inland water, Loch Lomond, with the restored Millennium Link, via the Clyde estuary – received support from the Scottish Government in its report ‘Scotland’s Canals – An Asset for the Future’.  Although there is already a right of navigation along the river, Scotish Canals’ current plan is to partly run a new canal along embankments that would form flood defence works, and use just small parts of the river.  This avoids sensitive fisheries issues and would provide major flood defence benefits, particularly at the southern end of the Leven.  There would be a boat lift at Dumbarton and a new lock at Balloch, two aqueducts over the river and new basins at Denny, Dumbarton Town Centre, Renton, Jamestown and moorings at Alexandria.  Total estimated cost is £69 million.  The boat lift at Dumbarton is envisaged as a new stylised swan design.





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