Chesterfield Canal

Photo: Chesterfield Canal by John Lower

The Chesterfield canal is 46 miles (74km) long, has 59 narrow locks, six wide locks and two tunnels.

The canal east of Norwood Tunnel is owned by Canal & River Trust; the navigable western length is owned by Derbyshire County Council. The remaining unrestored nine mile section (including the Norwood Tunnel) between Staveley and Kiveton, has been partly filled in and built on. It is in mixed ownership.

The Chesterfield Canal Partnership is funded by local authorities through which the canal passes, and the Chesterfield Canal Trust’s volunteer working party continues to support the restoration. Their recent focus has been on building the new Staveley Town Lock (no. 5A), re-opened in 2016. However, the proposed route of the High Speed railway (HS2) is challenging the Trust as it runs on, or very close, to the line of the restoration between Staveley and Killamarsh. Working with IWA the Trust has been developing plans to submit to HS2 Ltd designed to mitigate the impact.

The long term aim is to make a link with the South Yorkshire Navigation at Rotherham using the Rother Valley, thus creating the possibility of a Three Counties Ring to rival the cruising rings of the Midlands and North West although, again, the route of the HS2 railway will also follow this valley.