Cromford Canal

Photo: Horse-drawn narrow boat Birdswood behind boat horse Chelsea at High Peak Junction, Cromford by Cromford Canal Trust

The Cromford canal is 11.5 miles (18.5km), the canal is part owned by Derbyshire County Council and in various other ownerships.

Work has now started to extend the canal northwards from Langley Mill, by about half a mile, which would include a new marina, and WRG has undertook clearance works further north over a five-year period.  Much of the Pinxton Branch has been lost to opencast mining, but remediation works in the area may provide a means of enabling a rebuilt canal.  A channel, temporarily used to divert the flow of the River Erewash, has dimensions that could be adapted for navagation. Dubbed the "Smotherfly Wide", it crosses the old line at two points offering the potential for reconnecting the canal to Pinxton.