Grantham Canal

Photo: Grantham Canal by Jenny Black

(33 miles, Canal mostly owned by Canal & River Trust; 150 yards owned by EA)

Grantham Canal Partnership, which includes Grantham Canal Society, Canal & River Trust, IWA and local authorities along the route of the canal, is pressing for full restoration of the Grantham Canal.  Since 1990, one road-bridge, three farm-bridges and one footbridge have been restored to navigable height and five locks have been restored.  22 miles of the canal now have an all-weather towpath.  Local authority support has enabled a series of improvements along the canal, assisted by WRG Canal Camps and weekend work parties.  In 2008, the previously reopened top lock at Woolsthorpe starting to suffer from structural movements, to which British Waterways proposed infilling, as it did not have the funds for repairs.  However, a grant of just over £100,000 from IWA, provided by a legacy, and grants sourced from Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership and East Midlands Development Agency enabled full restoration of the lock in early 2009.