Shrewsbury & Newport Canals

Photo: A view of what remains of the Shrewsbury canal at Wappenshall by Roger Dean.

Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust was formed in 2000 to focus on restoration of the Newport Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal (ie from Norbury Junction to Wappenshall Junction) and of the Shrewsbury Canal (from Wappenshall to Shrewsbury).  In 2003, the Trust commissioned consultants to undertake a feasibility study to look at all aspects of restoration. These studies were launched in 2004 by the then Waterways Minister, Alun Michael MP, and showed that the full restoration of the two canals is economically viable and feasible from an engineering point of view.  BW sold much of the land along the line of these canals following closure, but many structures remain and could be restored.  One of the most important of these, the warehouse at Wappenshall was purchased by Telford Council in 2008, and this was leased to the Trust in 2009 to enable restoration of the building and adjacent waterway.



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