Sleaford Navigation

Photo: The derelict chamber of Haverholme Lock on the Sleaford Navigation by Bob Evens

(10 miles, River Navigation, river effectively controlled by the EA, assisted by Sleaford Navigation Trust)

Sleaford Navigation Trust has restored the waterway from the river Witham to the current head of navigation at Cobblers Lock.  The lock was restored by volunteer labour in the 1990s, but the Trust needs to find the finance to complete flood protection works on the banks above the lock before it is able to install gates.  More recently, with support from WRG, the Trust has worked on Haverholme Lock.  Work on the historic Seed Warehouse and Navigation House, in Sleaford, has been completed with a funded package arranged by the Town District Council.  During 2004, the Trust purchased, with the support of an IWA grant, the freehold of the top 1.5 miles of riverbed of the navigation, including Bone Mill and Cogglesford Locks, in Sleaford.  A former wooden bridge on this section was replaced with a new steel lift bridge at the end of 2008.