Canal & River Restoration

Hundreds of miles of the UK’s canals and river navigations have been saved from dereliction since IWA was founded in 1946. Many more miles are gradually being brought back to life thanks to the work of volunteers and the hundreds of trust and societies spread all over the country.

Waterways are an incredibly valuable asset and research has shown that the restoration of waterways can bring economic, social and environment benefits to an area. Find out more about the benefits of canal and river restoration.

IWA has a long history of leading and supporting waterway restoration campaigns. Take a look at the canal restoration campaign overview and find out more about the waterways that have been restored, current projects and how you can get involved.

We are constantly working to support restoration projects and improve the resources we have available on the website. Take a look at an overview of the waterway restoration resources we have available or more specific resources below:


Restoration Projects

Find out about:
Current restoration
Proposed restoration
Restored waterways

The photos below show the area around Vines Park on the Droitwich Barge Canal, before and after restoration.

Find out more about the campaign to restore the Droitwich Canals.