How You Can Help Restoration and IWA

Photo: IWA's Waterway Recovery Group block-laying on the Chesterfield Canal

There are various ways that restoration groups and individuals can contribute to the waterway restoration cause.

How Restoration Groups Can Help

Share information
- restoration groups can help other groups by sharing case studies and reports. lots of groups have already shared information which is available to view in the Restoration Portal (requires login)

IWA Restoration Representatives - Many waterway restoration groups and partnerships have IWA representation on their committees.  Find out more

How Individuals Can Get Involved

Volunteer - there are many ways to volunteer to get involved with waterway restoration. You can volunteer with IWA by providing advice or getting involved with one of our committees. If you prefer to get involved on a more practical level you can get involved with one of IWA's Waterway Recovery Group Canal Camps or weekend work parties. Alternatively, if you want to get involved with a specific waterway restoration, you can find the local group via our current waterway restoration campaign pages.