IWA Expertise & Advice

Honorary Consultant Engineers - IWA has the services of a range of experts, including honorary consultant engineers, who can assist with detailed technical matters. If you would like to be put in touch with one of the advisory engineers please contact Jenny Black at Head Office in the first instance.

Planning Advisory Panel - IWA also has the services of honorary consultant planners, who can provide advice on both restoration matters as well as operational waterways. Find out more

IWA Restoration Representatives - Many waterway restoration groups and partnerships have IWA representation on their committees.  Find out more

Resources - IWA has built up a great selection of resources as a result of its long history of restoration campaigns, that has seen hundreds of miles of waterways saved and restored to use. Take a look at an overview of our canal & river restoration resources.

Did you know?

It was as early as 1964 that the reopening of the Southern Stratford-upon-Avon Canal took place.  This was made possible through IWA campaigning and work parties in the fifties and sixties.   It was an important landmark as it publicly demonstrated the feasability of bringing waterways back to life at a lesser cost than eliminating them.