Restoration Assessment Schedule

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The Restoration Assessment Schedule consists of six milestone documents in Word format that can be adapted or expanded to meet the needs of a particular restoration project. They detail in chronological order the many individual elements that need to be evaluated when developing plans to restore a waterway. While they are designed to be used at the outset by a new restoration organisation, it is hoped they may assist the many existing trusts and societies in reviewing their progress and help identify missing actions that need to be considered.

Introduction: Provides a background to the milestone documents

Milestone 1: Initial Identification and Assessment

Milestone 2: Initial Project Documentation

Milestone 3: Initial mapping

Milestone 4: Initial Sustainability Actions

Milestone 5: Profiling and Publicity Maintenance

Milestone 6: Long Term Sustainability Actions

Appendix: Resources

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It is recognised that this schedule is not an exhaustive list, nor is it intended as a "how to."

The Restoration Committee would welcome feedback and suggested improvements from organisations that use this tool.