Technical Restoration Handbook

During the 1980s IWA's former Restoration Committee began to publish a series of Information Notes on various subjects relevant to waterway restoration. Their purpose was to provide guidance and to prevent waterway groups wasting time and effort acquiring the basic information on an individual basis. Following a Government grant and three years of development, the Technical Restoration Handbook was completed, comprising 19 chapters on various topics.

The authors of the chapters come from a range of organisations and from professional and experienced people within IWA membership. Every chapter has been reviewed by at least two reviewers and amendments were made in the light of the comments provided. Further input and comment was then derived from the then Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) and Restoration Committee seminars.  Every care has been taken in the compilation and checking of the information contained in the handbooks. However, the Association cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the statements in the Handbook or omissions there from and readers are recommended to seek professional advice on specific proposals or problems, and some information will have become out-of-date since publication.  Many of the chapters are currently under review.

2.    Funding Waterway Restoration (updated Feb 2014)

3.    Financial Management & Reporting (updated Nov 2014)

4.    Use and Benefits of Waterways for Recreation (published Jan 1999)

5.    Waterside Properties (published Jan 1999)

6.    Some legal aspects of Restoration (updated Oct 2009)

7.    Waterway Societies and their Constitutions - the legal Perspective (published Jan 1999)

8.    Managing Consultancies on Inland Waterway Projects (reviewed and updated Apr 2006)

9.    Managing a dredging Contract (published Jan 1999)

10.  Choice of Restoration Methods - modern verses traditional materials (published Jan 1999)

11.  Leisure Facilities on the Towpath (published Jan 1999)

12.  Transport Crossings of Canals (published Mar 2018)

13.  Town & Country Planning for Beginners (updated Nov 2011)

14.  Public Inquiries - Presenting a Case (published Jan 1999)

15.  Wildlife Conservation  (Updated May 2016)

16.  The Impacts of Recreation (update 2015)

17.  Green Housekeeping (published Dec 2015)

18.  Publicity Material (published April 2013)

19.  Policy Presentation and the Political Process (updated Dec 2015)

20.  Museum, Visitor and Heritage Centres (published Jan 1999)

21.  The Use of NEC: Engineering and Construction Contract (Oct 2003)

22.  Water Management on Inland Waterways (Jan 2005)

The Localism Act 2011 and the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012 affected most restoration projects.  Edward Gittens, an IWA honorary planning consultant, has written a Planning Guide highlighting the important elements of this legislation.


Please contact Jenny Black at Head Office if you have any comments or corrections, or you think you have the expertise to assist in updating an existing chapter or writing a new chapter.