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Heybridge Basin Moorings

Heybridge Basin is where the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation meets the Blackwater Estuary. It is a great place to moor your boat, with long and short term moorings available. 

About Heybridge Basin

The Basin attracts a mix of visiting boats and long term moorers.

Visitors are always welcome at Heybridge Basin. However, during the summer months it is very busy so please book in advance to reserve a berth.

Shower, toilet facilities and electric hookup are available.

Local Amenities

There is plenty to do at Heybridge Basin. Food and drink is available from Daisy Meadow Kiosk located on the towpath. If you want to eat out there are two pubs and a popular tea room run by the world-famous Tiptree Jam Co just a stone’s throw from the Sea Lock.

There are scenic coastal walks and a wildlife lake to explore. The village is served with busses to get you to the nearest train stations at Chelmsford or Hatfield Peverel. The nearest town, Maldon, is a 45 minute walk or a bus ride away.

While there are no shops in the village, there is a small shopping centre about half a mile away and a large Tesco supermarket one mile away.  Visitors often take their own dinghy or tender upstream to the shops.  Small craft can navigate the 14 miles upstream to Chelmsford (Springfield Basin) by arrangement.

Contact us

Get in touch with our Lockkeeper at Heybridge to book your mooring or passage through the sea lock.


Heybridge Basin Moorings


Daisy Meadow Car Park

Basin Rd, Heybridge Basin, Maldon CM9 4RW

Mooring information


Shower, toilet, sluice disposal facilities, water and electric hookup are available. Elsan disposal facilities are situated adjacent to the facilities block. 

Permanent moorings are classified as basic, standard and premium. Basic moorings tend to be situated some distance from facilities. Standard moorings are closer to facilities.  Premium moorings include access to electric hookup and water.  

Boat Dimensions

Space for vessels over 3 metres draft and over 20 metres in length is restricted.

The sea lock is 55 metres long by 7.5 metres wide.  There are three sets of gates which means there are three lengths of lock that are operable; they are the long lock at 55 metres, a medium size lock at 33 metres and a short lock at 17 metres.  On most lockings, the middle sized lock is used.  However, on really busy summer weekends the long lock may be used, but if only one or two boats are expected the short lock is used to conserve  fresh water.

Mooring Rates

Long and short term moorings are available at Heybridge Basin.

Visiting Boats

Hours of operation of the Sea Lock

The Sea Lock is available for use on high waters occurring between 0600 and 2000 hrs 1st May to 30th September,and 0700 and 1700 hrs between 1st October to 30th April. Locking times are displayed on the notice board outside the Lock House. 

The sea lock only operates approximately two hours before high water. The first locking is always outwards to create space in the Basin, locking then continues alternately until all craft wishing to enter or leave are through. Please note, we try to fill the lock with vessels to maximise water conservation by locking as few times as possible on a given tide, so punctuality is appreciated.

Please contact us to book your passage through the lock.

Approaching the Sea Lock

Approach the green starboard hand buoy called Lock Approach; from here you will see the lock entrance please call ‘Heybridge Lock’ on VHF Ch 80  and wait in the vicinity of the green buoy.  Normally locking out occurs first, and but as the photographs show the channel is very narrow. Please do not obstruct this channel as boats with deep drafts may be leaving.

When instructed on VHF Ch 80 you can make your approach.  Leave the lock approach buoy close to starboard and proceed towards the withies (wooden sticks in the mud).  These withies need to be left about the beam of the boat on the port side.  The Withies are always port hand markers as identified by their red tops.

Always be prepared to moor on either side of the lock, ropes around ten metres long with plain ends are best.  Staff will help you moor up by passing your rope  round bollards on the quay and passing the end back to you.  Have plenty of fenders rigged, as the lock side is unforgiving granite and brick.

The rise in the lock varies depending on the tide; on neaps it may be as much as 2.5 metres.

Berthing in the Basin

While you are in the lock the lockkeeper will give you a berth in the basin.  This may involve rafting up to other boats.  We try to keep them in the order they are leaving in so boats staying the longest will go inside boats that are leaving the next day.  We also try to give boats crewed by disabled people, children and dogs berths on the quayside.

If you have a dog(s), children or are disabled please let us know when you book your berth.  You will be asked to fill in a registration card and will be given an information sheet with details of the codes for the shower block, laundry and other details.


The following terms and conditions apply to any vessel moored on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, other than at approved Long Term Moorings, for which a separate mooring agreement is held. Any boat owner mooring a vessel on the Navigation is considered to have accepted these terms and conditions.

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