The Inland Waterways of Great Britain

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Waterway Navigation Authority Status Length (miles) Length (km)
Aberdare Canal None Derelict 7.0m 11.3km
Abderdeenshire Canal None Derelict 18.0m 29.0km
Adelphi Canal None Derelict 0.5m 0.8km
River Adur (mouth of the river to Old Shoreham Bridge) Shoreham Port Authority Open 3.3m 5.3km
River Adur (Old Shoreham Bridge to Bines Bridge) (EA Byelaws) Open 9.1m 14.6km
River Adur - Eastern Branch (Shermanbury Place to junction with Western Branch) (EA Byelaws) Open 2.0m 3.2km
Aike Beck None Derelict 2.0m 3.2km
Aire & Calder Navigation - Leeds & Liverpool Canal to junction with Selby Canal Canal & River Trust Open 23.5m 37.8km
Aire & Calder Navigation - Tidal section (Selby Branch to junction with river Ouse at Asselby Island) None Derelict 16.8m 27.0km
Aire & Calder Navigation - Branches None Derelict 1.5m 2.4km
Aire & Calder Navigation - Knottingley & Goole Canal Canal & River Trust Open 17.0m 27.4km
Aire & Calder Navigation - Wakefield Section Canal & River Trust Open 7.5m 12.1km
River Alde and River Ore None Open 17.0m 27.4km
River Ancholme - Humber to Harlam Hill Lock Environment Agency Open 16.5m 26.6km
River Ancholme - Harlam Hill Lock to Bishopbridge Environment Agency Restored 2.5m 4.0km
River Ancholme - Brigg Loop Environment Agency Open 1.8m 2.9km
Andover Canal None Derelict 22.0m 35.4km
River Ant Broads Authority Open 8.0km 12.9km
River Arun (Arundel Bridge to Pallingham) (EA Byelaws) Open 18.8m 30.3km
River Arun (Sea to Arundel Bridge) Littlehampton Harbour Board Open 6.7m 10.8km
Arun Navigation - Hardham Cut None Derelict 2.5m 4.0km
Ashby Canal (Marston Jn to Snarestone) Canal & River Trust Open 22.0m 35.4km
Ashby Canal (Snarestone to Moira) Leics CC Under Restoration 8.0m 12.9km
Ashton Canal - main line Canal & River Trust Restored 6.7m 10.8km
Ashton Canal - Hollingwood Branch None Under Restoration 4.5m 7.2km
Ashton Canal - Stockport Branch None Proposed Restoration 5.0m 8.1km
Ashton Canal - Beat Bank Branch None Derelict 3.0m 4.8km
Ashton Canal - other branches None Derelict 2.5m 4.0km
River Avon (Bristol) - below Hanham Lock Bristol City Council Open 14.5m 23.3km
River Avon (Hampshire) None Derelict 36.0m 58.0km
River Avon (Warwickshire) - Lower Avon Navigation Trust Restored 25.9m 41.5km
River Avon (Warwickshire) - Upper Avon Navigation Trust Restored 19.6m 31.6km
River Avon (Warwickshire) - Higher None Restoration Proposed 9.0m 14.6km
Aylsham Navigation None Derelict 9.0m 14.5km