West Riding Branch

Our vision is for a thriving, growing network of sustainable inland waterways for everyone

IWA's West Riding Branch endeavours to see that:

  • navigation and facilities are maintained and improved for users of the waterways
  • the green corridors of the waterways support wildlife, enhance our wellbeing and are a great place for everyone
  • waterways that have fallen out of use are restored

How do we do this?

IWA is a campaigning charity – we listen to those who use the waterways, identify issues and campaign for change.

The branch is run by volunteers and represents IWA and the interests of the waterways at events and local user group forums, through commenting on planning permissions and at political levels. The branch also promotes the waterways, including running a series of talks and social meetings open to all.

The branch works with many other organisations across the area to ensure the best for the waterways, and is co-ordinated by the branch committee.

Volunteer with the branch

We are working on and beside the waterways, and supporting restoration projects – so there is a great variety of things that you could do.

We have room for people who like to plan, organise or do (or all three if you are keen!). There's plenty of scope for you to follow your waterway interests, visit our volunteering page.

Join our branch email list

We write about our activities, both planned and what actually happened, in the branch newsletter MilePost. Join our email list and we'll let you know when a new issue is out.

Forthcoming Events

Our open meetings are open to all whether you are an IWA member or not. 

Friday 8th February, 7.30pm. Talk: The Calder & Hebble Navigation by Keith Noble

Join us to hear Keith’s wealth of knowledge about this historic waterway, which when it opened in the eighteenth century was one third artificial cut and two thirds river navigation but today is one third river navigation and two thirds artificial cut.

From 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm at the SOUTH PENNINE BOAT CLUB, Wood Lane, Mirfield WF14 0ED. Tea and coffee will be available. There are local bus services and the nearest railway station is Mirfield, just over a mile away. There is car parking at the boat club. People are welcome to arrive from 7 pm onwards for the 7.30 pm start.

But please also note that the boat club gates are likely to be shut before 7 pm and after 7.30 pm. Meetings are free and all are welcome.

Contact the Branch

Ian Moore