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Waterway Recovery Group had its origins in waterways restoration working during the 1960s, but formally came into being in 1970.  The aim was to be the coordinating force, not centred upon any individual project but backing up and assisting local groups on any worthwhile restoration project.  Since then considerable knowledge and experience of restorations methods have been built up.  Waterway Recovery Group is now a part of The Inland Waterways Association and at present WRG owns a fleet of vans, and a range of plant including excavators, dumpers, pumps, mixers, winches, and other sundry equipment.

WRG activities are funded by IWA, donations and legacies.

WRG has helped restore many derelict waterways throughout Britain - one of WRG's largest projects has been the complete rebuilding of the four Frankton Locks and the three Aston Locks on the Montgomery Canal, which passes through the spectacular Welsh Borders.  Other projects include the construction of Over Basin on the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal and more recently the restoration of Droitwich Barge Lock in the Midlands.

Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, many canals have been reopened, while others are well on the way. Many more have not yet reached that stage - it is up to us, the volunteers, to demonstrate what can be done. We are not only doing useful work - and there is plenty left for us to do - we are also helping to convince those with the money (like the local authorities, and the National Lottery funds) that canals are worth restoring.

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