Volunteer Focus


Tell me a bit about yourself:

I first started in October 2003. The camp was for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh in Chichester. Since then I’ve been on a great deal of camps and weekend digs.

What new skills have you learnt since

volunteering for WRG?

Brick laying, Sawing, Using a strimmer, Spreading the load properly in a wheel barrow, mixing cement/mortar. These are all new skills that I perhaps wouldn’t have come into contact with otherwise. I’ve also developed the skill that allows me to get along with almost anyone!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with WRG?

Meeting new people and exercise with a purpose.

In your opinion why is WRG so important?

As a dating agency for the ‘geeks of the world’.

What’s your proudest WRG moment?

Realising I was a regular!





Social Researcher – Civil Servant

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