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Tell me a bit about yourself:

I joined WRG in 2007. I was really interested in working holidays, especially with waterways. I’m not really one for lazy holidays, I would rather be busy. So I went on my first Canal Camp which was on the Cotswolds and never looked back.

What new skills have you learnt since volunteering for WRG?

I’ve learnt loads of new skills whilst volunteering with WRG. I’ve learnt to Brick lay and mix mortar which comes in handy when I’m up in Chesterfield. Putting up scaffolding and brush cutting. My favourite skill has to be starting bonfires. I do enjoy that side to scrub bashing. Oh and hauling rubbish out the BCN.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with WRG?

The teamwork side is great. Its also fun just socialising with and meeting new people of all ages from all walks of life who have a common passion for waterways.

In your opinion why is WRG so important?

Our heritage is vital to our history, and WRG is opening up waterways again for the benefit of all.

What’s your proudest WRG moment?

Being able to show my mum a finished lock that I had worked on was without a doubt my proudest moment.




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