WRG at 40

Forty Views for Forty Years

Waterway Recovery Group was 40 years old in 2010.  To mark this anniversary, Helen 'Bushbaby' Gardner is conducting a series of interviews with 40 people who have been involved in WRG in various capacities over that period, to create a permanent record of the first four decades of the organisation and a series of articles in Navvies.

martin_ludgate_pic john_foley_pic mike_megan_day_pic Harry_Arnold_pic helen_dobbie_pic Jude_Palmer  
Interview 1
Martin Ludgate
Interview 2
John Foley

Interview 3

Mike & Megan Day
Interview 4
Harry Arnold

Interview 5
Helen Dobbie

Interview 6
Jude Palmer
John_Baylis_pic2 Alison_Smedley_pic tim_lewis_pic mugshot97px_110px mugshot97px_110px mugshot97px_110px
Interview 7
John Baylis

Interview 8
Alison Smedley

Interview 9   
Tim Lewis
Interview 10
Spencer Greystrong
Interview 11
Roger Burchett
 Interview 12
Bill Nicholson
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Interview 13
John Hawkins
Interview 14
Nigel Stevens
Interview 15
Neil Edwards
Interview 16
Interview 17
Chris Davey
Interview 18
Chris Griffiths
mugshot97px_110px mugshot97px_110px
Interview 19
Ian McCarthy
Interview 20
Audrey Smith
Interview 21
Ian Williamson
Interview 22
Clive Alderman
Interview 23
Rick Barnes
Interview 24
James Butler
mugshot97px_110px mugshot97px_110px mugshot97px_110px
Interview 25
Mick Beattie
Interview 26
Kirsty Wallace
Interview 27
John Gale
Interview 28
Bob Keaveney
Interview 29
Mk2 Richardson
Interview 30
Mike Fellows