WRG Directors

Always wondered who keeps things running behind the scenes ...

WRG has 10 Volunteer Directors who meet 6 times a year to plan and coordinate WRG activities.

Any WRG volunteer is welcome to attend a WRG Committee meetings! Dates for 2016: 24th January; 13th March; 15th May; 17th July; 18th September; 5th November.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns about WRG and its activities please do not hesitate to contact the WRG Board. Email now.

Find out more about the WRG Board's role. Click here.

WRG Chairman: Mike Palmer
Finance: Rick Barnes
Plant: George 'Bungle' Eycott
Transport: Jonathan Smith
Navvies Print: John Hawkins
Leaders: Helen Gardner
Publicity: Jude Palmer
Camps/Logistcs: Harry Watts