Volunteer with WRG in your retirement

Many people believe that retirement is all about sitting back and relaxing but we know different ... in fact a large proportion of WRG's most active volunteers are over 50! But why volunteer with WRG ...

Companionship and muddy matches!


By going on a WRG Canal Camp or weekend dig you will embark on brand new experiences and make new friends along the way. We discourage large groups to book on our camps which means at the start of the week most people are in the same situation ... there to meet new people, have fun and maybe get a bit muddy! By the end of the first work day you have a new bunch of friends and by the end of the week a great sense of achievement.

Use your professional skills and past on your knowledge to the next generation

The canal restoration movement relies on volunteers passing on their skills, experiences and knowledge to new volunteers. Our volunteers come from all walks of life - some with professional backgrounds in civil engineering, architecture, project management and bricklaying - having this knowledge hub at our disposal is essential for when volunteers take on major projects. Even having someone with basic knowledge of bricklay on a Canal Camp is a great asset.

Learn new skills and get active

Whilst having the knowledge of how to lay a brick before you turn up on canal camp is useful the majority of our volunteers come along with little or no skills or experience of practical canal restoration work... and just want to have fun, meet new people and pick up a few skills along the way. The work on each canal camp varies - you could learn how to use a brushcutter whilst clearning vegetation or how to operate an excavator whilst clearing out a lock chamber.

Who digs canals?

Volunteers must be aged 18+, but apart from that ages doesn't matter, nor does previous experience.

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Volunteer 2020

Get a copy of our 2020 Canal Camps Brochure to find out more about our restoration working holidays.