Cotswolds Canal Camp 2020

Cotswold Canal

Location: Cotswolds, Stroud

Activities: Lock Restoration & Aqueduct Construction

Summary: Supporting Cotswold Canals Connected on their Phase 1B restoration of four miles of the Stroudwater Navigation linking up with the national canal network, volunteers will undertake the restoration of Westfield Lock and the construction of a new Oldbury Brook Aqueduct. Over the three weeks, volunteers will excavate and uncover the infilled lock and will start preliminary works for the aqueduct. These camps are the perfect opportunity to develop a wide variety of heritage and transferable construction skills, with support from many of our technical experts.

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15th – 22nd August

Emma Greenall & Stephen Rice Harri Barnes
Fully Booked 22nd - 29th August Nick Swift & Dan Holton Anne Lilliman
Fully Booked 29th August – 5th September David Evans & Maggie Eaton

Ian Johnson

CC202018 24th - 31st October TBC


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Where is it? Located in the scenic Cotswolds near Stroud the Cotswold Canals consists of the Thames & Severn Canal and Storudwater Navigation, which runs through one of the United Kingdom’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

What is the work for the camps? Volunteers on these Camps can expect to excavate and uncover the hidden lock bext to the lonely Westfield Bridge. With the support of experienced leaders, volunteers will get the opportunity to learn heritage restoration skills and transferable constructions skills. It is also expected plant and machines will be required on site, so there may even be a chance to operate some.

Why is it important? Phase 1B is the 4 mile gap between the recently restored canal at the Ocean, Stonehouse and the rest of the connected network at Saul Junction on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. This section of the Stroudwater Navigation closed in 1954 and over the subsequent years structures deteriorated and 1 mile of the canal was obliterated by the construction of the M5 and its slip roads. Westfield Lock is the start of the 'missing mile' with the restoration of this lock acting as the gateway to further restoration work.

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What skills are needed? No skills necessary - our leader and assistant will guide you through every task! 

Accomodation: TBD

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