Learn New Skills

WRG offers people a unique volunteering opportunity with the chance to learn new skills such as bricklaying, and be trained in the use of specialist and construction machinery, as well as haviing the chance to be part of the team that really make a huge difference to the waterways.

No two canal work sites are exactly the same - every canal has its own distinctive features and building materials, as the original canal builders used whatever was avaliable to hand to build the canal.  Combine this with the many different jobs involved in restoring a canal you will find that Canal Camps offer a wide variety of types of work.  Here a few things you could find yourself doing...demolishing old brickwork and stonework, vegetation clearance, learning to lay brick or mix mortar, clearing a canal of smelly black slimy slit or even driving a digger or dumper truck! Whatever you end up doing you will have a unique and memorable experience while helping us keep the waterways alive for future generations.

Types of Work
Heritage restoration skills
Machine Operation
Vegetation clearance