Progress Update

We did it!!

The van appeal has officially exceeded its £120,000 target on the last day of the campaign, reaching an impressive £121,217. A huge Thank You to everyone who took part fundraising and donating - you made this possible!

We will now be able to put an order in for the final two vans in the coming months – just in time for Christmas!

Waterway Recovery Group has raised £120,000 to buy new vans for transporting their equipment and volunteers throughout England and Wales. WRG's vans are vital in aiding the work of WRG in canal restoration.

The plan

WRG's red vans cost around £35,000 each. We have already purchased two new vans to support the 2016 summer Canal Camps, and are hoping to buy the other two ready for 2017. The sale of the 4 vans will generate around £20,000.

Our Vans - Why do we need them?

WRG's vans really are the right tool for the job. They play a vital role transporting volunteers, equipment, and tools on WRG's week-long Canal Camps and weekend digs - a total of over 44,000 miles each year. Without them WRG couldn't continue to support canal restoration across England and Wales. WRG's current fleet of four much-loved transit vans need to be retired over the next two years so WRG ran an Appeal to replace them.

Van Appeal Total

Total raised


Photo Gallery

Visit Flickr to have a look at some great pictures we have gathered together of WRG vans over the years.