Upcoming Dates for 2020

London WRG

London WRG volunteers come from London, South East and even as far away as Cromford. The group travels across England on its mission to restore canals. A minibus leaves Waterloo station around 7pm on the Friday night and the driver is always happy to give lifts.

  • 16/17 May - Buckingham Arm
  • 27/28 June - Shrewsbury & Newport Canals
  • 25/26 July - Lichfield Canal
  • 26/27 September - Wey & Arun Canal
  • 18/19 October - Royal Gunpowder Mills
  • 7/8 November - WRG Reunion
  • 5/6 December - Cotswold Canals

WRG North West

WRG North West is based in Manchester and covers the North of England, though forays as far East as Grantham and South as Lichfield are not unknown.  Their minibus goes from the Manchester area on Friday night, if anyone wants a lift.  Paperchases have ended, but they still collect books to raise funds.

  • To be arranged


WRG BITM (Bit in the Middle) usually covers central areas of England but travels as far north as Grantham and as far west as the Stover Canal in Devon. Some of our volunteers come from the Home Counties, and others from Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Kent and Devon.

  • 17th/18th October - Maidenhead Waterways

WRG Forestry

WRG Forestry is a team of qualified chainsaw operators that carry out weekend digs across England and Wales felling trees and clearing scrub where needed.

  • To be arranged

If you want to get involved contact the Regional Groups directly, or Head Office at enquiries@wrg.org.uk or call 01494 783453 ex 604